Another sizzling day for the Southland


Summer in Santa Clarita is always hot, but now the real warm-up is under way and those who love the sun are all smiles.

"I think it's great. I love the warm weather. I've started school already, but I'm still in the summer mindset," said Santa Clarita resident Alexa Hurey.

Bay Area resident Lisa Shannon said the hot weather is a welcomed change for her and her family.

"I love it," said Santa Clarita resident Nancy Scrobeck. "The kids love it because we got a nice pool for them."

Some love it, but others said they're going to miss the milder temps. The temperature was expected to get close to 100 degrees in Santa Clarita on Wednesday, with even higher temperatures as you head east into the high desert.

"When it starts to get over 100, you head out to the coastline, and it's 20, 30 degrees less," said another Santa Clarita resident Chester Stockton.

Cold drinks and some nice shade is what we want when it gets hot like this. And this doesn't apply to just people. Pets also need to be kept out of the heat.

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