Cool Kids donate blankets to the homeless


Lauren Shelburne and Alyx Runyon have started a charity called Blankets of Love. The idea came to Alyx one day as she was spending time with her mom.

"While we were driving home, we saw a homeless person on the side of the street," said Alyx. "It was winter, so it was really cold. We were just talking about how it would be nice to give them blankets."

They have collected close to a thousand blankets from friends, family members and community groups. Now they have bigger plans.

"We're definitely not done," said Lauren. "We were actually talking to the person who's in charge of the charity outreach program at our school just yesterday about doing a collection with our whole school."

Lauren and Alyx are bringing comfort and care to those in great need. But at the same time they are learning a great life lesson.

"These people are so happy for whatever they get," said Alyx. "And then we are always picky about stuff. So it kind of shows that we are not grateful sometimes. It kind of opened up my mind."

The girls are freshmen at Los Angeles Baptist High School. While they've seen people from all walks of life in unfortunate circumstances, they feel their mission never changes.

"We still need to help them," said Lauren. "Especially when we are more fortunate than them. We need to take a little bit out of our life to help them."

Alyx Runyon and Lauren Shelburne are bringing their community together to help those who have fallen on hard times. That makes them our Cool Kids.

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