Review: 'Don't Be Afraid of Dark' is creepy


Think miniature versions of possessed Keebler elves, but they don't want cookies, they want a warm body to claim as their own.

/*Guy Pearce*/ plays a guy renovating the place to sell, and /*Katie Holmes*/ is his girlfriend. Bailee Madison plays Pearce's daughter, who they believe is seeing things.

The studio didn't give away many scare shots from the film. In fact, the clips that have been released are tame compared to the film's R-rated nature.

It's not really all that gory - more implied for the most part - but it still offers a creep factor that will likely make you cringe. And the evil little whispers just add to the creepiness.

This film is dark and unsettling, and you'll know that in the first two minutes.

I wouldn't call this Pearce's most challenging role, but he's good with what he's given. Holmes adds a nice warmth needed in such a chilling movie. Madison is very convincing as a troubled child living a nightmare.

"Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" is dark. You've been warned.

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