Find fountain of youth in a few simple moves


"I think everybody would love to be as youthful as they can be," said Naomi Call, author of "Fountain of Youth Exercises."

The seasoned yoga and mind-body expert wrote "Fountain of Youth Exercises" as a manual of sorts to help anyone of any age achieve clarity and energy with a tool box of techniques.

"If we could, every so often throughout our day, take five minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes to exercise and work our bodies. Then we maintain a much more equilibrium throughout the whole day," Call said.

Her formula is to infuse focused breathing, stretching and an ancient technique called Do-In .

"It's the art of self massage, so what we're doing is working on our own body to stimulate the chi or qui as we call it, our life force," Call said.

Perform Do-In head to toe - no tools needed. Try it first on hands - maybe at work - or feet while watching television.

"By taking your knuckles into your soles," Call said.

Rub each toe and separate toes with fingers, waking up the foot.

While you don't have to sit cross-legged and chant, learning to quiet your mind through meditation can really boost the anti-aging benefits, relaxing muscles, lowering blood pressure and reducing the stress hormone cortisol.

"Exhale for the count of eight, inhale for the count of four from the very beginning because the key to a good inhalation is the exhalation," Call said.

Resting your hands on your belly so your mind gets an idea of how deeply you really can breathe.

If meditation makes you nervous, Call says meditation in motion works for those who don't sit still. Walk and breathe with the intention of focusing on just those two things.

Trainer Toni Matarresi likes it to stay flexible. Julia Burgess Perrot uses it to balance other activities like swimming, weight lifting, yoga, bike riding and skiing, and she's 74.

"Fountain of Youth" is sold on Amazon for about $15. You can also find the book on or

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