2012 Toyota Camry gets new look, lower base price


For 2012, the seventh generation Camry gets a new look. It doesn't exactly turn heads, but it's stylish enough. There's also new technology for hands-free communication and Web access.

The last couple of years have been somewhat rough for Toyota. First, they had a self-acceleration issue to deal with, then they had the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, which affected production. Now they're releasing a new model into an unstable economy.

With a base price of $21,955, the new Camry gets a lower sticker price than the one it replaces to help keep it on the shopping lists of people watching their money.

"You get a more Camry for a lower price," said Bob Carter, vice president and general manager at Toyota. "It also has the best fuel mileage in the segment."

Part of their strategy will also be a new hybrid version, promising 43 miles per gallon in the city. Toyota says that's the best in the mid-size segment.

The Camry has never been the fanciest car or the most striking. But for millions of buyers over the years, that's been just fine.

Add in new features and some new lines and Toyota's mid-size has a good shot at being able to stay on top of the sales charts 2012 and beyond.

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