Missing hiker found in Falls Creek Canyon


Authorities said 38-year-old Bryan Gutierrez was found about 1:30 p.m. on Friday in Falls Creek Canyon. He was hoisted out of the area by a rescue helicopter.

Gutierrez and 100 members of his church set off for a 13-mile hike up the Vivian Creek Trail to San Gorgonio Peak. Everyone but Gutierrez made it back.

"I just missed the turn and went way too far," said Gutierrez. "Before I realized it, it was dark and I was out of water, so I went down to the stream and got water, and I didn't have a head lamp so I made shelter and slept in there."

Gutierrez says he had hiked Mt. Baldy the day before and became tired on the trek. It was when he stopped to rest that he lost sight of the group.

He says he spent the night in a hollowed log, while at home Gutierrez's wife waited anxiously for news.

"I haven't slept," said Gutierrez's wife Lily. "I haven't slept since 10 last night when they called me."

Friday morning, members of the San Gorgonio Search and Rescue Team set off to look for Gutierrez. Four teams retraced the hike Gutierrez was thought to have taken while helicopters searched from above. The Chino man was spotted in a remote canyon.

Gutierrez says during his ordeal he didn't have any type of light or reflective source. A U.S. forest member says hikers can carry something as simple as an old CD to reflect the sun in order to get rescuers attention.

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