Baby tigers, otters, Komodo dragons at LA Zoo


Three male Sumatran tiger cubs were born Aug. 6. They are being raised solely by the zoo's female tiger, Melukakan. Zoo officials said the cubs can be viewed by the public once they've matured, which will most likely be sometime in December.

The zoo also welcomed two giant otter pups July 10. The pups were being cared for at the Winnick Family Animal Care Center, with viewing only allowed through nursery windows. They will go out on exhibit once they've matured enough. Zoo officials said giant otters are extremely rare in zoos, and they're exhibited in only five U.S. zoos.

In the first few weeks of August, the L.A. Zoo saw 21 Komodo dragon eggs hatch. The eggs were laid by Lima, the zoo's female Komodo dragon. When they're fully grown, zoo officials said Komodo dragons get to be about 9 feet in length and up to 200 or more pounds.

Wild Komodo dragons are found on only a few islands in Indonesia and are the world's largest lizard, the zoo said in a statement.

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