BHHS students mourn loss of fellow student


They gathered around a small memorial for Elena Natanzadeh.

The young sophomore was at school Friday when she suddenly collapsed and died.

The reason is still unclear.

The school district brought in counselors to help students deal with their loss.

"Don't keep everything inside. It's good to see someone. It's good to talk to someone and let out how you're feeling. It's good to make yourself aware to your friends that you care, that you're truly there. If you just keep yourself hidden and away from the world you're just going to be dying a little bit more inside," said Shivani Patel, a friend.

"We're providing all the counseling services that the kids need right now, currently, and have been doing so since Friday," said Dr. Gary Wood, superintendent, Beverly Hills Unified School District. "It's a tough story to deal with. Kids are working through this in many different ways, and we're here to provide them the support they need."

Natanzadeh was only 15 years old.

The cause of death is still pending.

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