Asian Tiger mosquito swarms El Monte neighborhood

EL MONTE, Calif.

The day-biting mosquitoes were identified last week in the 11000 block of Dodson Street.

The Asian Tiger mosquitoes are about a quarter-inch in size, with distinctive black and white markings. They are native to Southeast Asia. Experts believe they were likely brought over by a commercial product.

Presence of Asian Tiger mosquitoes was confirmed in El Monte last week. They haven't been seen in the San Gabriel Valley since 2001.

Unlike typical mosquitoes, they are known to be particularly aggressive during daylight hours and carry rare diseases.

"This is a concern for us, this is a species that's not native to this area," said Kelly Middleton, spokesperson for the San Gabriel Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District. "We are hoping it does not become established in this community because it's a very aggressive biter, and it's also capable of transmitting some pretty nasty diseases."

As a result, they are working with other local and state health agencies trying to eradicate the pest.

In the meantime residents are being asked to:

  • Dispose of any standing water.

  • Store containers upside down.

  • Dispose of any unused containers or tires.

  • Drill drain holes in the bottom of play equipment.

"If we are lucky we will be able to eliminate this population and prevent them from becoming fully established," said Middleton.

Health officials will start fogging the area as early as Friday. Residents will be notified 24 hours ahead of time.

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