Missoni collection for Target is all the rage


On Tuesday, Target offered a limited collection by Italian luxury designer Missoni and fashionistas around the world made a mad dash to get their hands on the items.

After about a month of promoting the designer's big debut, Target stores across the U.S. sold out.

Some of those 435 zigzagged items are already up for sale on eBay.

Joy Bizar was the first person in line at the Target in North Hollywood on Tuesday morning, a line that started forming hours before the store opened.

"They were trying to pull the doors open before I could even finish unlocking it and I almost got hit with a cart a couple of times," said Target manager Mallory Scribner.

Scribner has seen that kind of shopping fervor before.

"It was definitely like Black Friday. It was just a mini Black Friday," she said.

It didn't take long for the racks to be cleared and for the shelves to be emptied.

"Everything was bought out I think in the first 15 minutes," Bizar said.

That left Target managers to deal with a steady stream of shoppers wondering where all the Missoni items were.

By early afternoon, all that could be found were a smattering of Missoni children's clothing, some plates and glasses and one pair of women's size 11 shoes.

It's not just in the stores. Target's website was hit by so many Missoni shoppers that the site crashed.

Blake Ring and her boyfriend Rotem Adri didn't give up. They've filled the back of their SUV with Missoni items from local Target stores.

They managed to acquire two bicycles, one of which they say is slated to go on eBay, just like a slew of other Missoni items from Target that people have listed for sale at wildly inflated prices.

Missoni for some. For others, just a miss.

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