James Franco checks back in to 'General Hospital'


Franco makes another return to "/*General Hospital*/" playing the character of evil mastermind, Franco.

Franco describes his character as insane, but it's a part he's passionate about, and he proves that by fitting a quick visit back to Port Charles into his always busy schedule.

"I was in Detroit yesterday, I worked until 2 a.m., then I think I got about an hour's sleep, then went to the airport at 6 and flew here, and came right to set," he said. "It's really just a great place to come back to."

Franco was in Detroit working with director Sam Raimi on the film "Oz: The Great and Powerful."

On the "General Hospital" set there are little references to Franco's career.

"I guess, if you know my career, there are little hints here. But it's... the character's named Franco, so they are just supporting this idea that this character, of course, is a fictional character. I, James Franco, am not a murderer, but it's a nice area here where fiction and real life are kind of blurring.

The real Franco will return to playing fictional Franco on "General Hospital" beginning Tuesday, Sept. 20.

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