Cool Kid builds bonds with horses in OC


Brianna Hallman volunteers with the Red Bucket Equine Rescue in Huntington Beach. She works with distressed horses with one goal in mind.

"So we can adopt them out to loving families where they'll always have a home," says Brianna. "Even when someone can't ride them, they'll still be able to take care of them and love them."

One particular horse was a very tough case. Brianna put in the time and saw a great result.

"After a week of just taking her out and grooming here and talking to her, she finally meets you at the gate," says Brianna. "She'd love to be near you and now when she gets nervous, instead of running away, she tries to get as close to you as she could."

Brianna's love of horses will continue in college. In fact, she even has a specific major in mind.

"Equine science, which incorporates kind of pre-vet and stud-farm management and breeding into training and teaching," says Brianna.

Whether she's feeding the horses, or brushing and cleaning them, Brianna finds she's got such a close bond with the animals.

"You could just be sitting there, waiting for the round pen. She could just put her head in your lap," says Brianna. "You'll be petting her and you'll be like, 'This is what it's all about: the bond.'"

Building that bond with horses that need her makes Brianna Hallman our Cool Kid.

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