UCLA Anderson Forecast: Jobs grim, but no recession


While the outlook for the nation is worse than it was months ago, another recession is not predicted.

Economists at UCLA say the job situation is horrible, predicting it will hover around 12 percent for the rest of this year as well as next year. The say in 2013 it will average around 11 percent. The unemployment in California is higher than the national average of 9.5 percent.

Economists say the economy is stalled nationwide, but the coastal regions of California are growing out of the recession. However the inland areas remain sluggish, with high unemployment expected to extend into 2017.

The forecast calls for gross domestic product growth of 0.9 percent for the next five quarters.

Californians have been looking to Washington D.C. to help lower the unemployment rate and speed up economic recovery.

"The key is unemployment, they have to get people working," said Woodland Hills resident Mike Khoury. "It seems to me in Congress they can't seem to find the right plan."

"Overall I think everyone is looking for a quick fix, but there are no quick fixes," said Reseda resident Greg Hendry. "It's going to be a long road ahead. I know that even the president is facing a lot of challenges right now."

Although the forecast sees virtually no growth in unemployment in California, for those that are working, payrolls are expected to grow more rapidly:

  • 1.1 percent in 2011

  • 0.6 percent in 2012

  • 2 percent in 2013

Even though economists are saying the forecast is worse than it was three months ago, they are not predicting a recession.

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