Michael Jackson doc trial: Jurors selected


Eighty-four prospective jurors were brought into a downtown Los Angeles courtroom for face-to-face questioning.

At the end of it, a jury of seven men and five women was selected. Alternates were expected to be selected later on Friday.

Initially, 372 potential jurors were called in. That number was whittled down after many were dismissed for various reasons such as financial hardships or bias shown in responses to a 30-page questionnaire administered by prosecutors and defense attorneys.

The prosecution and defense had only 10 chances each to reject a prospective juror, and they were limited to just two minutes with each person.

The panel includes a white female in her 60s who has previous experience as a foreperson.

Another middle-aged white female watched coverage of the Casey Anthony case because she was somewhat interested and because there was so much coverage.

Juror number 12, a white male in his 50s, met Jackson in the early 1980s while working at Disney Studios.

Late in the day, a drama played out surrounding defense attorney Michael Flanagan. A dismissed juror told the court that seated alternate number 4 had not disclosed critical information regarding a professional relationship with the defense attorney.

There are five Hispanics, six Caucasians and one African-American. They have been ordered to return to court at 8:45 a.m. Tuesday for opening statements.

Murray has pleaded not guilty in the pop star's 2009 death. Authorities have accused the Nevada-based cardiologist of administering the surgical anesthetic propofol in Jackson's Holmby Hills home without proper monitoring, but Murray claims Jackson self medicated.

If convicted, Murray faces four years in prison.

Watch live stream coverage of the entire trial. Opening statements are scheduled to begin Tuesday.

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