MLB asks judge to order McCourt to sell Dodgers


Attorneys argue that /*Dodgers*/ owner /*Frank McCourt*/ is using the team's bankruptcy to resolve his own financial problems. They're now asking a bankruptcy judge to order the sale of the team.

Frank McCourt probably wishes he took the $1.2-billion offer to buy the Dodgers led by a Chinese investment group.

Friday /*Major League Baseball*/'s latest attempt to remove McCourt as the team's owner is the most aggressive move so far, asking a judge to order McCourt to sell the Dodgers.

Major League Baseball argues that in court papers and McCourt's plan to retain ownership of the team is "dead on arrival."

MLB does not intend to approve any sale of television rights that would help McCourt maintain ownership of the team according to the filing. That's been McCourt's complaint all along, saying he would be fine with the money that would come with a new TV deal with FOX.

The filing also reads: "Mr. McCourt cannot hide the Dodgers in bankruptcy forever."

A hearing is set for October 12.

What's interesting is if the judge does not decide in favor of Major League Baseball's request, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig reportedly could suspend the Dodgers from the league, meaning they wouldn't play any games, essentially not being part of the league.

Eyewitness News received a statement from the Dodgers Friday:

"Major League Baseball's motion is meritless. It is another step in the Commissioner's continuing effort to cause the sale of the Dodgers notwithstanding that the Dodgers can and will be successfully reorganized as outlined in the recently filed media rights marketing motion.


"MLB's motion also ignores the fact that the commissioner has treated the Dodgers differently from other Major League Baseball Clubs and that the Commissioner's actions starved the Dodgers of cash and caused the bankruptcy filing."

In a separate filing, Major League Baseball asked that Dodgers bankruptcy attorneys be disqualified because they represent the interests of Frank McCourt instead of the team's.

It looks like the nasty battle between the league and McCourt will continue, but Major League Baseball has definitely thrown what could be the knockout blow.

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