Dr. Oz at Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure


More than 30,000 runners took part in this year's event, and they all have one thing in mind: the fight against breast cancer.

Thousands gathered under the "Survivors' Tent," many donning not one but multiple bright pink beaded necklaces. Each strand represents one year of survival after being diagnosed.

Many supporters of the fight against breast cancer gathered under the tent as well, inclduing Dr. Mehmet Oz. He emphasized family history, nutrition and self examination as key factors in cancer prevention.

"Most young women who find breast cancer find it themselves," he said.

That was exactly the case for survivor Rebecca Hultquist.

"I just quit nursing a baby, and I knew that something wasn't right from before, and I went straight to the doctor and was diagnosed within three weeks and in chemotherapy for triple negative breast cancer, which is very aggressive in young women," she said.

Now, she proudly proclaimed she felt "awesome," pointing to the six strands of beads around her neck.

"I'm an advocate for Komen and speaking to young women about knowing yourself and being aware of what's going on because early detection is the only way that I'm living and I'm right here," she said.

In addition to early detection, Dr. Oz said there are other things people can do to take control. He pointed to not smoking, cutting obesity and how we deal with stress as examples.

"We're celebrating life and that's why I love this event. We're taking control," he said.

For those who avoid getting tested because of anxiety, Dr. Oz said the best way to conquer that fear is to embrace it and get through it.

"Do it with the fabric of humanity, and if you get together, all of us together and create that safety net for wellness, we change our lives," he said.

The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure is the largest such race in the world. Eyewitness News Orange County Bureau Chief Eileen Frere is the mistress of ceremonies for this year's event. Eyewitness News team members David Ono, Ric Romero, Leticia Juarez and Rob McMillan are also taking part.

ABC7 is a proud sponsor of the annual event.

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