'Pan Am' takes viewers on glamorous adventure


With each script, star Christina Ricci has been enjoying this TV ride more and more.

"They just keep getting better and more interesting and the characters keep evolving and the places we're going are so interesting," Ricci said. "We're just starting to tackle some historical moments, which is really exciting."

The show will explore some big moments in American history, moments Ricci says helped define this country.

Mike Vogel, who plays a pilot, agrees and sees the potential for great storytelling thanks to the real-life stories of women who worked for the airline. He spoke to some of the stewardesses about their experiences.

"They would fly R&R trips back from Vietnam to Australia when the guys would go off the lines for a break," Vogel said. "They said when you would show up to pick these guys up, it was the elation and you wanted to cry because you knew you were removing them from such a horrible thing, and then when it was time to fly back you could hear a pin drop on that airplane."

"Pan Am" also involves stories of romance and international intrigue - and if it's a hit, who knows what else?

As the timeline progresses, the mid and late 60 get a little wild.

"I really can't wait to become a hippie," Ricci said. "I can't wait! I can't wait!"

"Pan Am" airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on ABC7.

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