Diet, fitness tips for jam-packed moms


Moms are especially susceptible, so two health experts decided to give the "woman of the house" more energy.

"I'm a full-time mom," said single mom Migdalia Aguirre. "I have three kids, I have a full-time job."

Like many parents Aguirre is running on empty at the start of the day trying to get her 6, 10, and 14-year-old kids out the door.

"It's struggling for me because sometimes they don't want to get up," said Aguirre.

With the help of dietitian Ashley Koff and trainer Kathy Kaehler, she's getting revitalized with their concept and new book, "Mom Energy."

"While there are truisms in the book for really any woman out there, the mom part we've got to dial them in for focusing on themselves, on their own energy," said Koff. "When you have imbalances you have energy inefficiencies, and you also have the precursors for the risk of diseases, syndromes, issues."

Koff says caffeine and sugar are the go-to ingredients for a pick-me-up, so she helps them understand why those should be taken in small doses, while adding foods that fuel them up for the long haul.

"Teaching people to think about your body like a race car rather than a street car," said Koff. "You've got to think about these pit stops is going to totally change how their body gets nutrition."

So what are the big four? Quality, quantity, frequency and balance. And along with complex carbohydrates, for example, you should also ask other questions.

"Where's my protein, where's my healthy fat and oh, I can't forget about my vegetables," said Koff.

Reorganize, rehabilitate, recharge- those are the three "R's" of mom energy. And they are specifically focused on areas of exercise, eating, sleep and play.

Kaehler is a fitness pro and mother of three children. She knows that movement can cover exercise and play, by getting the kids in on it and sneaking baby bouts of movement in whenever possible.

"Finding something, like jumping over a piece of masking tape," said Kaehler. "Take playing cards and doing lunges. Have your kids do it with you, set up a family chart."

And no gym is required. Sneak in one minute fit bursts like Kaehler's trio: squats, tricep dips and pushups. And hey mom, you're in charge- so delegate.

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