Gov. Brown signs fast-track NFL stadium bill


The bill, according to the governor, puts the downtown stadium project on a fast track to be built, adding that it doesn't skirt around environmental laws.

"The fact is there's too much red tape," said Brown. "We can protect the environment without all the burdens that currently exist. And these bills pave the way for many, many projects, not one."

The bill-signing looked and sounded like a pep rally. Roosevelt and Dorsey high school football players were invited to watch.

But in order for the stadium to be built, a National Football League team has to agree to play in the proposed $1.5-billion facility.

AEG President Tim Leiweke says the company has done everything the NFL has asked.

"We have legislation that protects us and gives us certainty from the assembly and the senate, and the governor signed it," said Leiweke. "And then we have the largest naming-rights deal ever done in the NFL. They are very surprised by our progress. Now we're going to double down, and in the next six months we're going to do even more so that they can't afford to ignore us."

According to the governor's office, the stadium will create about 23,000 jobs.

For the iron workers who would help build the new stadium, it means full-time employment that would pay them about $80,000 a year.

The plan is to have Farmers Field ready for some football by 2016.

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