Man claims rough treatment in Gardena arrest


Perry Alexander, 24, pleaded not guilty Wednesday to two felony counts of resisting arrest.

An apartment surveillance camera captured the incident that occurred on March 16.

Perry says his only crime was being double-parked and without his driver's license.

He says he followed every police order, but claims officers roughed him up anyway and punched him in the face.

He ended up in the hospital and now faces jail time.

"And I know they're trying to charge me with two felony counts and I know they know that deep down inside that they were wrong," said Alexander.

"He was begging them to stop and he was saying, 'What have I done, what have I done?'" said defense attorney Alison Triessl.

"The Gardena Police Department stands by its officers and their actions. We have thoroughly investigated the case months ago and determined that their actions not only meet policy but are within the law," said Gardena Police Chief Edward Medrano.

Medrano says three officers were injured during the arrest.

Perry's lawyers say they plan to file a civil case against the Gardena Police Dept.

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