German cuisine in LA boasts traditional recipes, new flair


Brats Brothers in Sherman Oaks features old-world style recipes from Munich, emphasizing the Bavarian style of dining. They offer wienerschnitzel, pork shanks, sauerkraut and more.

The menu boasts more than 24 varieties of handmade gourmet bratwurst. There's pork, veal and chicken as well as exotic brats made with alligator, ostrich and buffalo.

"The gobbler, a foot-long turkey brat. You've got to try it. It's really good," said Sherman Oaks resident Ken Solattelo.

Looking for a challenge? The Santa Fe Fire Brat is a monster 1-pound brat made with jalapenos and habanero chiles. If you finish it, it's free and you get your picture on the wall.

"Authentic German food, it's not only the food, it's the whole atmosphere, and we're having a lot of fun," said Roland Radler of Brats Brothers.

In Silver Lake, and you can try German street food at Berlin Currywurst.

Currywurst is a simple dish with grilled sliced sausage swimming in tomato sauce and topped with curry powder.

"We were always wondering why there isn't currywurst in California. So we made it our mission to come here and bring the currywurst," said Hardeep Manak with Berlin Currywurst.

"I think it's better here than you get in Germany, sometimes you know, because it's hard to find a really good currywurst," said Silver Lake resident Max Graenitz.

The restaurant makes its own homemade sauce and puts out fresh bread every morning.

"Everything is our own recipe. Nothing is fast food here," said Lena Manak with Berlin Currywurst.

There is a variety of ways to order currywurst. The most popular is the Paprikawurst, which is an all natural pork sausage with paprika and garlic.

There's also the ginger-orange sauce called Charlottenburg, which you can pile on top of a vegetarian kielbasa.

To add some California flair, the restaurant also offers vegan tofu brats, which you won't likely find on the streets of Berlin.

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