Supporters gather at home to protest eviction


Rose Gudiel has dug in her heels, along with community activists who have pitched tents in her front yard, on the 13000 block of Proctor Avenue in Bassett.

Gudiel says after her bank foreclosed on her property and gave her an order to vacate the home by midnight Thursday morning, she decided to defy the order and stay and fight.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department officials said they do have an order to evict Gudiel from her home, but they have yet do it.

"It's more about telling the community that they need to take a stand because this is just unfair and it's wrong," said Gudiel.

Gudiel says she has pleaded for the last two years for Pasadena's OneWest Bank and Fannie Mae to modify her loan, but she says they told her she did not qualify for help.

Guidel says as a state employee she went through furloughs over the last few years and one of her brothers who was living with her and helping to pay the mortgage. He died.

Rosa Gudiel, Rose's mother, lives with her daughter. Rosa, through an interpreter, said: "We did not expect this. We thought the bank was going to give us a modification but the bank has made it very difficult and that's why we are in this dilemma."

OneWest Bank issued a statement: "OneWest Bank is the servicer and Fannie Mae is the owner of the loan. As the servicer, we are obligated to service loans pursuant to the servicing agreement and rules established by the owner of the loan."

A source close to the matter confirms that Gudiel was two years delinquent on her mortgage and had not made any payments.

Fannie Mae officials say they tried to work with Gudiel and offered her financial relocation assistance, but she refused the offer."

Gudiel claims she did not make payments on her mortgage for two years because her bank told her not to while they were trying to work out a loan modification.

"This lasted about approximately two years until they decided we could no longer do anything for you, we foreclosed on your home in March. As it stands now, now they did the eviction process. They have not been wanting to help at all," said Gudiel.

Community activists say they will stand with Gudiel for the long haul.

"We are going to wait it out until we can't wait it out no more, until the sheriffs come in and try to take us out, we'll be here," said activist Peggy Mears.

Gudiel says when she moved into her home about six years ago, she had planned to live there for many years. She says even though it has come down to this, she is hopeful she'll be able to stay in her home.

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