Movie 'What's You Number?' not about phones


A young woman panics after reading a magazine article claiming people who've had 20 or more unsuccessful relationships have an almost zero chance at finding true love.

Anna Faris stars as a woman who is stunned to learn she's been way more sexually active than any of her friends.

"I thought guys were the only ones who got together and say 'this is what I did,'" said Chris Evans. "Girls do that just as much. Girls share just as many details and they are just as raunchy."

"Yeah you don't want to know what goes on sometimes," said Faris.

Evans co-stars as a neighbor who volunteers to help with the quest to find all her old exes to see if one may have been the one that got away.

"If you were dating someone I'd never ask what their number is, that was then and this is now," said Evans. "How many times have you been in love? How many times have you been in a relationship? I would not ask, I might want to know, but I wouldn't ask how many people you've slept with."

The film's sexual subject matter did make for interesting conversations on the set.

"We were all very open," said Faris.

"I don't think there was any subject not breached," said Evans. "We got along and it was a fun cast."

The film's R rating also let the cast enjoy a freedom that comes with pushing the ratings envelope.

"I don't think you want to be gratuitous, you don't want to swear for no reason," said Faris. "But I think, especially as a woman, it gives you a lot more room."

Faris' real life husband, Chris Pratt, plays one of her former boyfriends. And you'll also see Blythe Danner and Ed Begley Jr. as her parents.

The film is in theaters on Friday.

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