Musty water to affect some San Bernardino communities


A large algae bloom may cause some local water to smell and taste musty and will affect Silverwood Lake and other communities in western San Bernardino County.

"As the warmer weather increases it forms algae," said Bob Muri from Metropolitan Water District. "Algae grows in our sources of water, particularly in canals and reservoirs in Southern California."

Metropolitan Water District officials say they are working to fix the problem. The agency is reducing its water supply from Silverwood Lake to its treatment plants in La Verne and Yorba Linda.

The two facilities provide water to 7 million people in L.A., Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside counties.

"The health and safety of the water is not impacted at all," said Muri.

Water quality experts are trying to knock down the bloom with copper sulfate. Even so, some residents say they aren't taking any chances.

"It concerns me very much," said Rancho Cucamonga resident John Estorge. "Because for some people that can't afford bottled water, something like this would be a little problem."

La Verne resident Irene Sandoval and her son Joel Betz are not as concerned and trust the issue will be resolved. For now they say they will continue to drink the water.

"I kind of think about it, what is filtering through the water," said Sandoval. "But if they say they are cleaning it up, or doing what they are doing, hopefully the water will be okay."

"I drink water all the time," said Betz. "It's my favorite thing to drink so I just think its fine."

Officials say it will take a few weeks for the water to work it's way through the system. In the meantime, some local water agencies are choosing to dilute Metropolitan's water with local sources until the issue is resolved.

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