Prosecutor opposes parole of convicted cannibal

ORANGE, Calif.

The parole board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday. The crime was committed in 1993.

"[Omaima Nelson] had cut off his hands to remove his fingerprints and basically decapitated him and put his head in a freezer after boiling his head in an attempt to get the teeth out," said prosecutor Randy Pawloski.

Nelson was in her mid-20's when she killed her 56-year-old husband, Bill Nelson, in their Costa Mesa apartment.

"She was driving around in his red Corvette with his internal organs inside of the car in a plastic trash bag," said Pawloski.

Nelson told a doctor she carved up part of her husband's back and dipped it in barbecue sauce, something she now denies as she tries to convince a parole board this Wednesday that she should be freed.

"She's going to deny now that she ever ate him. And the reason why is that if she admitted to it, they would not let a cannibal out," said Pawloski.

The prosecutor who helped send Nelson to prison for 27 years to life has written a letter to the board insisting she not be released, saying she is very crafty and criminally sophisticated.

"She would meet a man at a bar, perhaps live with him for 30, 60, 90 days and then at the end of that relationship, steal, rip off, steal a car from him, and then go on to perhaps another man and meet another man another way," said Pawloski.

Nelson is a former Egyptian model. She said she had been the victim of child abuse. Her attorney at the time said she was the victim, and that Bill Nelson raped and beat her several times.

The defense claimed it was not premeditated murder, but self-defense. The jury didn't buy it.

The prosecutor says Omaima Nelson would be a threat to public safety if released.

"The mutilation of the victim, coupled with the fact in the 20 years that she's been in prison she's not doing what she should be doing and needs to be doing in order to perhaps ever be rehabilitated," said Pawloski.

Pawloski says Nelson has nothing to get help for drug or alcohol abuse.

Wednesday will be the second time Nelson goes before the parole board. She tried to get out of prison on parole in 2006, but was rejected.

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