Cool Kid collects racquets, helps others enjoy tennis


Amos said the organization has a simple goal, which is "to be able to give the gift of tennis to somebody else who might not be able to afford it and let them enjoy the game."

Amos collects new and used tennis racquets for the kids. But to make it better, he takes time to "refresh" the equipment.

"To have a clean racquet and a racquet that is almost brand new, essentially, is key for them to want to keep playing," said Amos.

In addition to connecting players with equipment, Amos wants to make a personal connection.

"It wouldn't quite be enough to just collect them and then not see any of the kids you're giving them to," he said. "We like to give them in person and hit some balls with them and see them really embrace the game."

Amos loves to teach the game to the kids. But he knows the game can teach values for life.

"Hard work pays off and, all the way up to positive outlook, does wonders for anything. All of those lessons are definitely what tennis needs to be about," said Amos.

Giving children a new game and a new way to approach life makes Jayson Amos our Cool Kid.

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