Panel: Prostate cancer screening not recommended


This comes after a recent study showed these tests result in small or no reduction in prostate cancer deaths.

No major medical group has recommended routine PSAs, and the government panel's guidelines had long advised men over 75 to forgo them.

The new recommendation extends that do-not-screen advice to healthy men of all ages.

However, spokesman for the Prostate Cancer Foundation says the new recommendation is "a tremendous mistake."

This task force is the same one that said women in their 40s did not need mammograms.

One study estimated 2 of every 5 men whose prostate cancer was caught through a PSA test had tumors too slow-growing to ever be a threat.

Experts say 30 percent of men who are treated for PSA-discovered prostate cancer suffer significant side effects, sometimes death, from the resulting treatment.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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