'The Way' movie review: An interesting take on a father-son story


Once there, the grieving father decides to finish the walk in his son's honor, spreading his ashes along the way, while enjoying the company of other travelers.

Emilio Estevez took the job of writing, producing and directing the movie. He also plays the son to his real-life father, and it works because Sheen's sadness and anger feel so real, especially when he's had too much to drink.

There are also many moments where Sheen says a lot without ever saying a word. But the movie does drag a bit -- as I suppose a long walk might -- but the scenery is beautiful and the supporting characters (all fellow travelers) offer a bit of mystery about their own journeys.

Ultimately, this film is about a father who loses a son and finds himself along the way.

"The Way" is an interesting take on a father-son story since the son is dead from almost the start of the film. And if you see it, you'll understand the journeys taken here don't always involve walking. I recommend it.

"The Way" is rated pg-13.

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