Dream Act: Bill for illegal immigrant student aid OK'd


Brown announced Saturday that he has signed the second halfof a legislative package focused on such students.

Under current law, illegal immigrant students who have graduated from a California high school and can prove they're on the path to legalize their immigration status can pay resident tuition rates. The bill would allow these students to also apply for state aid.

Some students welcomed news that the governor has signed the second half of the california dream act.

Assemblyman Gil Cedillo (D-Los Angeles), who sponsored AB131, said it will benefit more than just illegal immigrants.

"The future of California's economy depends on the ability of these students to graduate, to perform well and to contribute. This creates that opportunity," Cedillo said.

But others oppose the idea.

"I don't agree with it," said Westwood resident Rob Huizar. "That's just the governor's option. That's his choice. Nothing I can do about it. Besides not vote for him next time."

Organizers say the Dream Act is just the beginning. Next they'll focus on getting driver's licenses, with the ultimate goal of gaining U.S. citizenship.

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