Elizabeth Taylor items displayed before auction


The Elizabeth Taylor Collection is on an international tour, and it has arrived at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood for four days.

There is more than $30 million worth of jewelry featured in the exhibit, including a sapphire diamond necklace worth between $600,000 to $800,000.

"It is the single most important and magnificent jewelry collection that's ever come up for sale at auction," said jewelry expert Rahul Kadakia. "It has jewels that go back to the 16th century to present day, and every one of these pieces was meticulously collected because Ms. Taylor had such a great eye for jewelry."

A children's book called "Nibbles" that Taylor authored when she was just 13 is also featured in the exhibit. The book is about her pet chipmunk.

The exhibit will be on display to the public at the Pacific Design Center from Oct. 13 - 16. The exhibit was sold out, but on Monday, there was word that the exhibition hours will be extended from 8 p.m. to midnight. Those tickets will go on sale on Tuesday.

A portion of the profits from ticket sales will be donated to the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

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