Senior citizens accidentally imbibe marijuana brownies at memorial


Police say three senior citizens thought they were eating homemade brownies at their friend's memorial service held in a banquet room at a golf course in Huntington Beach.

What they didn't know was that the treat was made with medical marijuana.

"Our understanding is the person who passed away consumed brownies with medical marijuana in them, and apparently somebody put out a tray maybe in honor or tribute to that person, but didn't tell everybody what was in them. And people were consuming the brownies without knowing they had the marijuana in them," said Lt. Russell Reinhart, Huntington Beach Police.

The two women, both 71, and the 82-year-old man ended up in the emergency room at Hoag Memorial Hospital in Newport Beach Saturday night.

Police say the seniors complained of nausea and dizziness. They also had trouble standing.

The seniors were treated and released. So far police don't know who made the brownies and offered them to the unsuspecting seniors. But the person won't likely face charges. Authorities say it appears to have been an accident, but that it shows the danger involved.

"Medical marijuana is a drug. It does have effects and side effects that are favorable or unfavorable to certain people, and in this case here it put three people in the hospital," said Reinhart.

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