NASA shuttle Endeavour owned by California Science Center


The /*Endeavour*/ isn't expected to arrive until next fall, but on Tuesday a special ceremony got under way to celebrate the transfer of ownership.

"We're signing with NASA title transfer documents, so as of today [California Science Center] will own Endeavour," said President and CEO Jeff Rudolph.

The shuttle will make its home at the California Space Center wing, educating and inspiring millions of people.

When the shuttle does arrive to Los Angeles, it will be displayed horizontally at first. But the hope is that it will one day be vertical, just as if it were ready to launch.

The crew of Endeavour took part in the ceremony including Commander /*Mark Kelly*/, husband of Arizona /*Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords*/.

"Got to tell you guys that you made a lot of people in Texas very upset," said Kelly.

Also at the ceremony was actress June Lockhart from the TV show "Lost in Space."

"Isn't it wonderful to have a mode of transportation that when the pink slip is turned over, it does not lose value when you take it off the lot," said Lockhart.

The value of the space shuttle is estimated at $2 billion. And bringing it to L.A. will also be pricey; the total cost of transportation, as well as building a new wing at the museum, is expected to reach $200 million.

The logistics and funds are still being hammered out. The museum has already received $20 million in promised donations.

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