New small-budget Julia Roberts film opens Friday


Julia Roberts is among the performers who got onboard to make a small-budget movie four years ago. Persistence is finally paying off.

The film hits theaters this weekend.

"Fireflies in the Garden" is the story of a very dysfunctional family, one that may finally have a chance to come together, but only in the wake of a tragedy.

The film itself has a bit of a tragic story, a business situation that turned into a financial nightmare with "Fireflies" ending up in legal limbo.

Roberts and her husband, Danny Moder, the film's cinematographer, helped in the campaign to get the movie in theaters.

"And honestly, I guess, all these years later, it's nice sometimes to have a little fight, a little, you know, push to get it to a place where people can see it and enjoy it or talk about it, debate it, whatever it is," said Roberts. "But it deserves its moment."

"When I read the script, I remember putting it down and going into my children's room and just hugging all over them and breathing them in," said Carrie-Anne Moss. "It just made me want to be the best mom I could be."

"I've got three daughters and now they are much more grown up since I shot the movie," said George Newbern. "And I certainly understand a little more, the family dynamic, what this movie is about."

Writer-director Dennis Lee based part of the movie on the relationship he had with his late mother.

"My mother was an amazing person, an amazing lady," said Lee. "And so this film's really, you know, it's dedicated to my mom, you know? And I wish she were here."

The movie is out, but since it was shot in 2007, its stars have done a lot other projects since.

Julia Roberts recently wrapped her work as the evil queen in a new movie about Snow White.

"She's pretty evil," said Roberts. "Evil has a face."

"Fireflies in the Garden" opens Friday.

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