'Cool Kid' on career path to law enforcement


Jessica Ramos is in the Explorer Program with the Monterey Park Police Department. She feels it puts her right in the middle of everything she wants.

"To do something for our community and just get involved," said Jessica. "You find out more about your city, what's going on, like who are the people getting in trouble and to stop that pretty much."

In addition to the Explorers, Jessica gives lots of her time volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club. She wants the kids to know that they have someone to help them.

"They can be out getting in trouble, but you're still here," said Jessica. "You're setting the road for them. You're setting examples. You're leading them to the correct path."

For the past two years, Jessica has shown her commitment to the Explorers, and more.

"Above and beyond what I expect and what the department expects of her," said Monterey Park Police Officer Troy Grant. "She not only is involved in our program, she has her name and title on many, many other community programs throughout the whole San Gabriel Valley."

Jessica's involvement with the Explorers has put her on a definite career path.

"Law enforcement has always intrigued me. I want to do science, forensic studies, like CSI, FBI. I'd like to do that," said Jessica.

A leader and a role model in her community makes Jessica Ramos our Cool Kid.

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