'Footloose' movie review: Great for teenagers, not adults


There's been no public dancing in Bomont for minors since a car accident killed some of the town's promising high schoolers five years ago. But when a rebel with a cause, played by newcomer Kenny Wormald, comes to town, he tries to get the ban overturned.

Wormald's character finds himself attracted to the preacher's daughter, played by "Dancing With The Stars" alum Julianne Hough.

This "Footloose" stays surprisingly close to the original. It's updated for today's times but it holds on to that nostalgic feeling. But in 2011, it doesn't feel nearly as real as it did in 1984. But if you were an adult back then, you may have thought the same thing.

And that's probably because this film is not aimed at people my age or even close to it. "Footloose" is really for today's young generation -- much like the first one was when it opened.

The stars are certainly fun to watch, with Hough commanding her role as a leading lady. Miles Teller is very good as a kid who can't dance but can deliver his dialogue. He's one to watch.

Based solely on the trailer, I did expect to see a lot more dancing than you get here. Wormald has a great dance number, sort of a showstopper. There are also sexy dances and a dangerous one, but you'll have to buy a ticket if you want to see those.

If you liked the original, you'll sense director Craig Brewer wanted to pay homage to that and he does. The film has its moments, but most of them are aimed more at the teenage audience.

"Footloose" also features Dennis Quaid and Andie MacDowell.

If you're my age, this movie is probably a little young for you, but you can drop off your kids and not worry about them seeing too much objectionable material.

The film is rated PG-13.

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