2 arrested in Occupy Long Beach protest


Occupy Long Beach protesters gathered at Lincoln Park on Sunday. Just before 10 p.m., police warned them to break up because the park was closing.

Officers said they were trying to get people in tents to leave and the group chanted and yelled in defiance. Two protesters were arrested for camping in a public park during prohibited hours. Two others were cited and released.

There were reportedly up to 150 people protesting but most of them left the park when they were told.

"We ask for many things. We're supposed to have it, you know, like education. Be more concerned about workers and students," said demonstrator Louis Rodriguez of Lakewood.

The Occupy protests started on Wall Street against corporate greed and economic inequality, and they've gone global.

The Occupy Los Angeles movement is protesting against a number of different issues, and people are hoping to narrow the focus.

Oscar Bay of the Ethnic Majority Organizing Committee said his group hopes to put people back in homes that have been foreclosed.

Some Los Angeles Unified School District teachers and employees are planning to march and set up tents in downtown Tuesday to protest cuts in education.

"I would like to not be in debt after I graduate. I'm afraid to go to school, because I know that once I graduate, I will be $50,000, if not more, in debt," said one Occupy Los Angeles protester.

Meantime, rioters in Rome infiltrated a march by thousands of demonstrators over the weekend and caused almost $1.5 million in damage to city property.

About 175 people were arrested in Chicago after they refused to leave a park where they were camped. Seventy protesters were arrested in New York City and 100 were arrested in Arizona.

Princeton University Professor Cornel West was among 18 people arrested while protesting on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington D.C.

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