Wal-Mart holds open house in Burbank


"It will be that one stop venue that will have lots of general merchandise, also have fresh grocery and pharmacy and really sort of serve those customer needs," said Steven Restivo, a Wal-Mart spokesman.

In recent months, community groups have begged the City Council to stop Wal-Mart from moving in.

The City Council said there's nothing they can do to stop it and the extra tax revenue could actually be a positive for an area already known for big box stores.

Wal-Mart estimates the new store will create 300 mostly full-time jobs.

"The truth is our wages and benefits are as good if not better than those we compete with. Union and non-union wages," Restivo said.

But some residents contend that's not true.

"I've met Wal-Mart workers who make just under $10 an hour and they've been there for seven years," Kate Nixa said. "I've seen the pay stubs."

Some residents say they're happy with the retailer coming to town.

"From the very beginning of time, people compete to get the businesses. They cut their prices, or they have a better product," said Phyllis Thompson of Burbank.

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