Sailor returns from Iraq, surprises family

PERRIS, Calif.

While the students at Saint James Catholic School were saying a prayer, U.S. Navy Lt. Johnnie Green secretly waited inside.

"My wife and I wanted to surprise the kids, and it was my idea that it wasn't fair to surprise just the kids, but to surprise her as well," said Green.

And he did. Just after the prayer, the flag salute and a few announcements, Green walked out and into the arms of his wife, Margaret. And soon afterward, he reunited with his three daughters.

"He was supposed to be home Thursday night, and my brother was going to pick him up at the airport, but he changed the plan," said Margaret Green.

The couple's 7-year-old daughter, Isabella, said she's "really, really, really, really happy" to see her father.

After the happy homecoming, the girls were sent back to class. Lt. Green had a medical debriefing to go through. His wife said they have big plans for this weekend.

"Mow the grass. We have a cabinet door that I had to take off because it was wobbling and wouldn't fit. I couldn't get it back on," said Margaret.

But the kids have their own plans. They said the first thing they want to do with their dad is go to Disneyland.

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