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OTRC: Gadhafi dead - Did Matthew Perry sitcom predict it? (Video)

Matthew Perry appears in a scene from the 2011 ABC comedy series 'Mr. Sunshine.' (Adam Larkey)

With reports surfacing about the death of former Libya leader Moammar Gadhafi on Thursday, October 20, Mediaite noticed that the year of his death was predicted by a Matthew Perry sitcom from 1987 called "Second Chance."

The series "Second Chance" aired on Fox from 1987-1988, lasting only one season. The show was about a character called Charles Russell, played by Kiel Martin, who dies in a 2011 hovercraft accident.

Russell's soul is sent for judgment in front of Saint Peter who then determines he's not evil enough to be sent to hell but not good enough to be sent to heaven. Saint Peter then sends Russell back to Earth in 1987 to help his teenage self, played by Matthew Perry, lead a better life to get into heaven.

The first scene of the pilot is set in 2011 and features an actor playing Gadhafi, who is transported to be judged by Saint Peter, played by Joseph Maher. "Ah, Colonel Gaddafi. Dead at last," Saint Peter says in the clip, which can be seen below.

The actor playing Gadhafi then steps up to be judged and is shown the red lights which lead to the door to hell. "What does that mean," Gadhafi asks. "It means sir, that you can go to hell," Saint Peter responds.

The Gadhafi character protests a little to which Saint Peter replies, "Oh, c'mon, you must've known it was coming." Gadhafi's fate has him wired as a human bomb that goes off every two minutes.

Though the sitcom got the year right, that date that was shown on screen was July 29, 2011. Mediate also notes that this is not the first time a prediction for 2011 has come true.

In August it was announced that Jimmy Fallon will host "Saturday Night Live" for the first time on December 17. What is funny about that date is that Fallon's hosting stint was predicted in a monologue for the show in 1998 when Alec Baldwin hosted the episode that included his famous "Schwetty Balls" skit, according to Vulture.

In the monologue, which is a spoof of "A Christmas Carol," Fallon plays the ghost of Christmas future. He greets Baldwin and says "Apparently, I become a huge star in the future and host the show in 2011." Fallon and Baldwin then jump to the future where he hosts a December 2011 episode, however that date was wrong as well. Fallon says he hosts on December 12, 2011, which is impossible because December 12 falls on a Monday.

Check out the "Second Chance" scene with Moammar Gadhafi and another one with Perry below.

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