'Cool Kid' keeps cool head, rescues drowning swimmer

CARSON, Calif.

It can happen so quickly: Kids are having fun in the pool when things take a dangerous turn.

"I was just swimming and as I was going all the way down, and that's all I remember -- swimming," said Dior Denson.

When young Dior lost consciousness, Derrell Carey pulled him from the water.

"I just did it. I felt like it was the thing to do," said Derrell.

In a moment's time, Derrell couldn't really think. He just had to react.

"Seeing somebody dying in front of you is terrifying," said Derrell. "That's why -- I picked him up for a reason."

Mikeeda Sansberry is Dior's mother. She sees Derrell as her son's hero.

"I'm just so grateful that he didn't panic, and that he knew exactly what to do at the time of distress," said Mikeeda.

Acting quickly and with determination, Cool Kid Derrell Carey is literally a lifesaver.

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