2-year-old calls for help, saves mom's life


Lia Vega picked up the cellphone and pressed the call button twice, which dialed the last number called - her grandmother, Bonnie Gonzalez.

"It was Lia, and she said, 'Mama fell down,' and I said, 'Well let me talk to her,' and I could hear that she put the phone close to Larissa, and it was a lot of gurgling," Gonzalez said.

Lia's mom didn't know she's diabetic or that Lia could use the phone.

"I never taught her how to use the phone, so I have no clue how she picked it up. I'm assuming just by watching us," said Lia's mom Larissa Taylor.

Grandma called 911, and Taylor was taken to the hospital. Doctors say 10 more minutes, and it would have been too late to save her.

Since everyone has been praising her, Lia has taken to wearing a towel as a cape, calling herself a super hero.

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