Cool Kid finds way to help feed his community


He got the idea while driving through his neighborhood. He noticed tons of fruit trees dropping hundreds of pounds of fruit on the ground throughout the year.

"It just seemed like a necessity that there are people out there who could really use the fruit. And it seemed like a good thing," he said.

Zach said the first few months were the most difficult because nobody knew about the organization, but one call from a homeowner helped change that.

"I printed up flyers when we first got started. I must have handed out a hundred flyers in my neighborhood and I got one call back ... But that one call was where it just started everything, a whole chain reaction," he said.

Though the organization started with Zach and his family, he has found ways to get more people involved.

"When people hear of this, they may have kids or the kids may hear of it and they just think it's a good thing and they want to help out," he said.

The aches and pains of picking fruit seem to fade away when Zach sees the results.

"When I take in a truckload of 2,000 pounds of oranges to the Foothill Unity Center, just knowing that it's going to people who really need it, it's a great feeling," he said.

Zach's finding a way to help feed his community, and he's not afraid of doing the hard work it takes to make it happen. That makes him our Cool Kid.

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