'In Time' movie review: Entertaining, but not for over-analytical moviegoers


Justin Timberlake plays a "have not" who battles a corrupt system.

In a small, but key role, Matt Bomer of TV's "White Collar" is a very wealthy man who gives Timberlake's character the gift of time, which is the equivalent of a lot of money.

Olivia Wilde plays Timberlake's mom in this weird world - cool casting.

Amanda Seyfried plays a wealthy, but bored, young woman who Timberlake takes along for his ride.

The film takes viewers on an interesting ride. And while you watch, you can't help but equate some of what's happening in this society to our own society.

Timberlake is believable as an every man who's tired of the system. Seyfried has fun playing against type, and the two are a good match together.

As her father, Vincent Kartheiser of "Mad Men" is a smarmy kick.

You have to take some things for granted here for the sake of story, so if your friends tell you you're over-analytical when it comes to movies, you might want to choose something else this weekend.

But if you just want to be entertained, I think "In Time" will do it for you. It did for me.

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