Miami cop cuffed for speeding, not pulling over


The Florida Highway Patrol said the officer was spotted weaving in and out of lanes, topping speeds of 120 mph and ignoring all warnings to pull over.

When the officer finally came to a stop, the trooper drew her gun in fear the car had been stolen.

When that wasn't the case, she handcuffed the officer just like she would anyone else.

In the footage, Officer Fausto Lopez, who was being arrested, can be heard saying, "Honestly, the handcuffs are not necessary, ma'am," adding that he intended to be fully cooperative.

"'You know, what you are to me? You are a criminal," responded FHP trooper D.J. Watts.

Lopez said he was trying to get to his off-duty job at a school. He was cited with a misdemeanor moving violation.

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