YouTube: Texas family law judge severely beating own daughter

McALLEN, Texas

The video is over seven minutes long and has been seen more than 3 million times. The woman who posted it is speaking out for the first time about why she wanted the world to see these disturbing pictures.

In the video the lights went out, and the beating began. The lashes were what the father called a spanking.

It was punishment for his daughter illegally downloading music on her computer. It was secretly recorded in 2004 by Hillary Adams, who set up a web cam in her room.

"I could tell another beating was going to take place, so I set up the camera and just sort of waited," said Adams.

The video is just now being made public after a recent argument with her father.

"I just wanted somebody to see it and tell me, 'No Hillary, this wasn't right and I'm glad you were able to move on past this and your dad wasn't really right for doing this,'" said Adams.

Seven years ago, Adams' mother joined in on the punishment. It is a fact she now regrets.

"I felt very pressured, I act very zombie like," said Adams' mother Hallie. "It's very upsetting to me. I thought he was a monster, I thought I was a witch."

Adams' father is Judge William Adams, a family court judge in Texas.

Texas courts have supported spanking at homes and in schools before. But the online support for Adams has been so overwhelming, and the phone calls against the judge so deafening, he's temporarily left his job.

"In my mind, I haven't done anything wrong other than discipline my child after she was caught stealing," said Judge William Adams. "I did lose my temper but I did apologize. It looks worse than it is, there is a story. It will come out in due time."

"I think he's in serious denial because I told him it hurt to walk the next day and his response was one word. He said, 'Good,'" said Hillary Adams.

Judge William Allen could face criminal charges, but likely won't because the statute of limitations may be up. His daughter says either way he needs serious help.

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