'Tower Heist' expected to cash in big time


In the film, Ben Stiller plays the man in charge of keeping a swanky New York high-rise running smoothly. He trusts one of the wealthy residents to invest all the workers' retirement money.

Unfortunately, he picks the wrong guy who swindles them out of everything. That man is played by a very charismatic Alan Alda.

"Well, how could you deprive people of all their money unless you convince them that you're helping them? So, that was kind of fun to do," said Alda.

With their savings gone, Stiller and the others who've been stiffed, along with a petty criminal played by Eddie Murphy, decide to plan a heist to get back their money.

"So to be in that kind of movie, I was talking to Matthew Broderick about it, too," said Stiller. "We both were like this is really cool because both our dads actually are in 'Taking of Pelham,' the original. So we said, this is like we're getting to do the movie our dads did. It's fun to be in a move that's sort of reality-based but is funny too."

Gabourney Sidibe plays a Jamaican maid who knows her way around a safe.

"We got a really strong, solid, good cast," said Murphy.

"Tower Heist" is rated PG-13.

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