'Breathless' workout helps burn more calories


"I'm asking you to not stay in your comfort zone. I'm asking you to go beyond that," said Amy Dixon, creator of "Breathless Body."

Dixon said to go all out- the type of anaerobic workout that will have you breathless.

"It's about working hard, losing your breath to kind of spike that metabolism and get your body shocked, so you can burn more calories and actually exert yourself a lot more," said Dixon.

Fitness expert Sarah Kusch said the workout even got hard for her.

It's hard, but basic. Use moves you know well, such as jumping jacks or lunges, and then blow them out to the fullest.

"Take an exercise. You're going to be doing it eight times at 20 seconds all out and you get a 10-second recovery in between it," said Dixon.

For the math-challenged, that means go hard for 20 seconds and then 10 seconds of rest. Repeat that cycle for a total of eight cycles, which results in doing each particular exercise drill for four minutes.

It's only four, but there are more moves to keep you going for close to an hour to boost muscular and cardiovascular fatigue.

It's a simple concept, but if you're short on moves, Dixon's "Breathless Body" DVD is a penny shy of $20 with advanced, intermediate and beginning versions.

Even the novice version surprised uber-fit Aimee Nicotera.

"I'll tell you, you get what you give, and when I put in at level one, I'm challenged," said Nicotera.

Dixon said that in order to get fitter, we have to push ourselves.

"No, this isn't a workout that I'm asking you to do every day," said Dixon.

One to two days a week will do. Make sure you warm up before you push yourself that hard, and then sneak it in when you can.

"If you have time to do two drills, great," said Dixon. "It's going to definitely give you that extreme push that we all need."

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