Attempted kidnapping of boy in Monrovia was hoax


No one at the Barrera home would comment on the revelation that the boy made up the attempted kidnapping story.

Last Friday, the sheriff's department received a call of an attempted child abduction at the Barrera's home in unincorporated Monrovia.

The boy said he was in the backyard when someone tried to take him. The 6-year-old said he fought back, and the suspect let him go and ran away.

Armed with a sketch, sheriff's deputies arrested a man Sunday, but the investigation didn't end there.

"Some information became available to the detectives that did not corroborate to the story that was related to the detectives by the victim," said Lt. Denise Harshman of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. "It appears that the victim was not truthful with the investigators, and the crime did not occur."

Harshman wouldn't elaborate on what exactly proved to investigators that the story was made up. After spending part of the weekend in jail, the man who was arrested was released on Monday.

Authorities say the parents of the boy will not be charged.

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