Flight deals still available for Christmas time


On the other hand, despite what travelers have heard about air fare tickets being expensive over the holidays, there are still some bargains to be had if you are planning on traveling in December around the Christmas holiday.

But if you're going to be buying tickets for Thanksgiving at this late date, you're going to pay a premium.

That's because the best fares are available for those who book well in advance meaning at least 21 days or longer.

Some airline deals still to be had:

  • Round trip from Los Angeles International Airport to Boston for $258 on JetBlue, Continental and American.
  • Round trip from Long Beach to San Francisco on Southwest is $78.
  • From LAX to Phoenix on American, US Airways and Delta is $118 round trip.
  • From Burbank to Las Vegas on Southwest is $98 round trip.
Other things to consider when flying this year versus last year, there are some air travel changes in security, baggage and boarding.

This year children under 12 can leave their shoes on when going through security. Adults must still go through the same procedures.

Some airports will be using improved full body X-ray scanners that provide more privacy.

Expect more airlines to charge check baggage fees - and higher fees at that.

Some airlines have changed their boarding procedures. For example American Airlines, which used to board front to back, will begin boarding passengers in groups, which may add to the confusion at the gate.

Also, the Transportation Security Administration is going to expand their expedited security line system in early 2012. Until now, only two airports had it, but it's now going to be expanded to LAX.

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