'Twilight' fans camp at Nokia Theatre for movie premiere


Hundreds of people have set up camp outside the Nokia Theatre in downtown Los Angeles.

They come from the far reaches of the world, including Brazil and New Zealand, making a pilgrimage for the new film.

Jay Tewake of New Zealand not only wanted to see the movie, but was looking forward to the 'Tent City' experience, which is the community of tents fans have set up outside of the Nokia Theatre.

For some fans, camping out for the premiere is about more than just showing their excitement for the series, it's also about connecting to the wider community of 'Twilight' fans.

"We've met most of our current friends at 'Twilight' functions. It's been great," said Brian Hare of San Francisco.

Camper Amanda Bundt, of Monterey, Calif., is seven months pregnant.

"My husband asked the same question about what I was thinking. I'm only going to do it once. This is my one time to be crazy, so here I am sleeping on the floor for five days," Bundt said.

There will be perks for the camping fans. On Saturday, some of the bands featured on the soundtrack for 'Breaking Dawn - Part 1' will perform.

On Sunday, some members of the cast will serve fans breakfast in appreciation of them. They'll also get to watch the first three films leading up to the premiere.

Although there is a chance of rain in the forecast this weekend, the fans say they are prepared and willing to do whatever it takes to catch their favorite stars.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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